Talking to yourself

Building An E-Mail Time Capsule –

Now I’d happily admit that a little talking to yourself is often a good way of dealing with confusion. Hey, maybe even out loud isn’t such a bad thing now and then too. But emailing future you an email to be delivered in 20 years? Now that’s just scary.

What can you say to a 20 years older you? Congratulations on surviving? What have you been up to? Does life make any more sense now you’re older? (hmmm, I’m thinking probably not, but can’t beat a little optimism).

If I got a message today from 13 year old me I’d be a little bit freaked out. Hey, I’ve seen “The Kid,” I know that past selves have a tendency to be disappointed in how they turn out. That’s a whole different can of worms though….

I don’t think I’ll be emailing 53 year old me. The shock might kill me.


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