On being creative

Thoughts on being creative, after a morning of creating and an afternoon spent soaking in an art gallery –

Being creative is not about producing something considered “good” or “beautiful” or (worse still) “valuable” or “marketable.”

Being creative, taking the time to create something as a response, as an idea, as an expression, out of necessity or simply because you want to is actually an end in itself.

The outcome of what you do, if it even has one, is much less important than having taken the time to create, to acknowledge that you are a creative being, to touch even for a moment a greater creation around you and the part you have just taken in it.

By creating – creating anything – you are making much more than “something,” you are making a change in yourself.

My thoughts on creativity have been greatly influenced by a splendid book I read many years ago called “Jesus the fool”. The book covered many topics and opened my mind in so many ways, but one idea that sticks in the mind particularly is that we are partners in creation with God. We create things out of what God has created – there is no loaf of bread tree! By creating anything, we play a part in God’s creation. That’s an inspiring idea to me.

Follow that up with a recent talk by Brian McLaren at his Cedar Ridge Community Church about creation and creativity, which I downloaded and listened to a couple of weeks ago and its no wonder that I’ve been thinking about creativity!

You can download the talk by Brian McLaren here. That it talks about Andy Goldsworthy (who I’ve already blogged about today) was no hinderance to my enjoyment of the talk either. I’d love to the the film referred to in the talk – Rivers and Tides – which is all about Andy and his work.


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