Evil surfing

Something I’ve never understood is where the boundary between using the online interweb for research and surfing actually is. Online research in a business is apparently a great thing, cost and time efficent, saving resources, blah blah, etc etc. Surfing, however, marks you out as the root of all known evil and is often a disciplinary offence.

Who actually decides the difference between these things? Is a writer clicking through sites in the hope of stimulating an idea researching or surfing? Is a designer checking out flickr researching or surfing? Grey areas? Would you want to police them?

Just in case your workplace is taking the archaic approach to Internet usage, you may want to consider checking out Ghostzilla, which is a web browser that can “hide” in any other application. Doesn’t matter what you’re running, Ghostzilla can hide in it and can be made to reappear with a magic wave of the mouse.

It is, of course, open source software and completely free. It may only run on Windows, but don’t worry, chances are that if your at work using Linux or even Mac then your workplace has an enlighted policy towards Internet usage anyway.


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