Winter Howies

Howies sent out a winter catalogue. This is a good thing, not just because it was a surprise, but because of the things they put in their catalogue that aren’t clothes they sell. This isn’t a catalogue, its a magazine.

Howies Ten reasons winter beats summer

1. Empty Beaches

2. You don’t have to get up too early to see sunrise

3. You can see your own breath

4. Soup

5. More stars at night

6. Big storms

7. Snowboarding

8. Fewer flies

9. Snowball fights

10. Winter is there to make our summer look better

For me, 2 and 4 are absolute winners. I love having soup in winter, its tasty and comforting to the soul as well as the body. I remember reading a poem many years ago called “We give thanks for the blessing of winter.” There was a great line in it that said that winter was a time “to make soups for the heart and broths for the heart.” I’m really not thinking they were talking about high fibre, low fat cooking here. There’s reasons why “Chicken soup for the soul” was such a mega bestseller and that title has a lot to do with it.

Almost as good as soup is not getting up early to see sunrise. I’m not very good at getting up early. I’m not very good at getting up period. Then I see something like this latest post over at visual voice and I’m reminded why getting up early isn’t always so bad. I should be glad its winter and early isn’t as early as it could be!


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  1. susan said

    Ha! Even though I got up before dawn to take those pics at sunrise, I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of how winter is better than summer. From my perspective, being a shy person at heart, winter makes all sorts of allowances for taking refuge, reflecting, savoring what you have… putting the kettle on and sharing an evening with a loved one.

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