Checkout ten point plan

I found this in my local supermarket and snapped it on my camera phone. I’m not entirely sure I was meant to see it, but it makes interesting reading nonetheless!

Checkout Ten Point Plan

1. Make eye contact, smile and say (at least) “Hello”

2. If the customer has been delayed in the queue, smile and thank them for their patience

3. Offer to help the customer pack their shopping

4. Don’t chat to anyone else or complain in front of the customer

5. Chat to the customer (If appropriate) and ensure that they feel at ease and not rushed

6. As for the payment ONLY when all the shopping has been packed away

7. Offer cashback if the customer is paying with a debit card (even with Chip & Pin)

8. Ask the customer to initial the till docket to confirm receipt of cashback – but only when they have actually received the cash. Retain docket in the till

9 Make eye contactr and smile whilst handing back receipt, card(s) change. Count change\cash, back into the customers hand and explain about any voids etc

10. Close with a friendly parting comment – at least “Thank you”

Could I do the job of a checkout operator and deal with the waves of hate that come my way from customers because I have dared to hold up their oh so very important lives? Nope. Do I still find the 10 point plan ironically amusing? You betcha.


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