Mobile phone care

It is always advisable to lock the keys of your mobile phone, otherwise, you don’t know who you may end up ringing.

All good advice except, erm, you should also do it to avoid sending people text messages too.

After getting a text message this morning, I put the phone in my pocket to reply to it later. Then I forgot about it, until it went beep about 30 minutes later. The beep told me I’d just sent a text message. To the landline of the local curry house.

So far, not good, but its going to get worse.

I hadn’t just sent a blank text. Here’s a rough approximation of what I did actually send –

erhrthefeerh4t56evwwefqqqaaafadqfadsg fqefwefg24wg23ygwwf21rtwegfsfg

Definitely getting worse. Of course, I’d sent this to the landline of the curry house. Thanks to the wonders of British Telecom, it is of course possible to text a landline. The phone will ring and after a truly surreal fanfare a digital voice will read out the message.

At some point, the phone is going to ring in that curry house, someone will answer and a digital voice will attempt to read that gobbledigook out to them. In that particular establishment its likely to be heard by someone for whom English isn’t their first language.

I did say it got worse, but I’m not done yet.

Suitably contrite, I sent another message explaining to the person I should have texted back immediately in the first place (let it be a lesson to you, always answer texts straight away!) telling them what I’d just done. I then put the phone in my pocket and a few minutes later it went beep.

I’d not locked my keys. I’d done it again, to the same place.

I think I need a new curry house.


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