A commonplace book

I do love my notebooks, especially Moleskine.

I’ve not really been one for the whole organised notebook though, which is easy to tell when you look at them. I can even make a pocketmod look a mess. Apparently, however, I don’t just have a messy notebook, I have a commonplace book, at least according to this post by Trent Siegfried.

 What is a commonplace book?
A commonplace book is a place to store thoughts that you might want to revisit later. They can include letters, recipes, scraps of paper, pieces of unfinished writing, facts, sayings, vocabulary words, and so forth. What distinguishes this from a diary or a journal is that the focus is on the items themselves, not on any sort of chronology. It’s simply a collection of items you want to think about again in the future.

Yep, that sounds like how I use a notebook! It’s not my notebook, its my commonplace book. Definitely sounds a lot better to me than “scruffy notebook”. If you’re a notebook lover then do click through and read the whole post, its an enjoyable read.


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