The joy of bookshops

I love bookshops, especially small independent sellers. The disintegration of the net price book agreement really is killing a lot of, which makes those that remain shine out even more.

I’ve got my favourites I’ve been to and a long list of ones I’d love to visit. Quite a lot of them feature in Jeremy Mercer’s top 10 bookshops in this article on the Guardian website.

Bookstores are sanctuaries. Places to lose yourself, escape the harsh demands of daily life, find new ways to dream and new sources of inspiration. I love all booksellers; anybody who helps spread the word is doing noble work. But my favourite bookstores are the small eccentric independents run by passionate and usually slightly mad book lovers.

It looks like Jeremy thinks the same about bookshops. Nice to see the top of my list to visit, Shakespeare and Company, featuring on his list. I hope I get the chance to visit, but until I do at least I can read Jeremy Mercer’s book about Shakespeare and Company, Books, Baguettes and Bedbugs, and dream large.


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  1. Your post reminds me of my childhood. We would order books in school, probably part of a fund raiser, and when the books came in we would walk into the room and pick up the books we ordered — I can still remember the aroma of the books — people talk about new car smells, but I savor the fragrance of a newly printed book that is waiting to be opened for the first time.

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