Staying balanced

A quote from yesterday’s installment of “A light blazes in the darkness” –

It’s funny how relatively minor inconveniences can make us
see the whole world as a gritty, greasy, grotesque mess. The slightest
glitch in our plans, the smallest break in our established routine, can
render us almost incapable of seeing anything good about life – or
even about God. We might cry out to God from our dark places, but
singing praise often seems beyond us when things are going wrong.

Having talked about blessings after reading another splendid installment from the same book,  I had a day of those relatively minor inconveniences after writing it.  Reading the quote above is helping me keep a healthy sense of balance, especially as the author then goes on to say –

More often, though, what we get is the little, ordinary
things: the perfect sunrise over the ocean, the sparkling beauty of the
first snowfall of winter, the simple joy of a cup of great coffee, the
warm melting sweetness of a chocolate-chip cookie just out of the
oven, the much-needed embrace of a friend, the cool relief of running
water. We might wish for big miracles, dramatic signs of God’s
presence and help in our lives, but most of the time, God chooses to
work in and through the small things. From these seemingly ordinary
events, God pieces together a world that, from time to time, causes us
to sing a new song to the Lord.

Inconvenienced by the minor things, finding joy and pleasure in the simple things. I’m glad I’m not the only one. I get confused by a lot of things, but one thing I do know is that I’d not swap seeing blessings in the small things for the price of getting better with the small inconveniences. I hope in time to get better at not sweating the small stuff. The grace of blessings in the small things is something to be grateful for.


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