January No Sales

My first project of 2006 – January No Sales.

January used to be the time of the sales, although in recent years everything kicks off straight after Christmas! Well I’m issuing a challenge to myself to do something different this January. I’m far too realistic about the number of visitors this blog has to say its a challenge to anyone else, but hey, if you happen to read this, give it some thought, you never know.

January No Sales

For one month to buy nothing, except for food and essential medical supplies and (of course) paying the bills.
To cause nothing to be bought for you.

To say “NO” to increasing your debt burden.

To say no to I am what I have.

To say yes to appreciating what you have.

To say yes to enjoying what you can for free.

To reduce what you consume.

To switch off, unplug and slow down.

To reduce your impact on the world.

To say yes to simplicity and a big yes to hospitality. Simple hospitality.

To say no to what the world tells you that you should have and say yes to what your heart tells you that you need – peace, quiet, stress-free, time, space.

For one month to stop buying. Just stop. Beyond your immediate physical needs, no excuses.

Use the time that you spend shopping or looking for things to spend your money on to do something completely free, either online, or in real life.

Build community, online or in real life.

Stop spending.

Just for one month.

Just stop.

So, that’s my January No Sales project. I’ll be posting on how its going and sharing some of the great free stuff I’ve found and if anyone felt like keeping me company on the way, that would be great!


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