The end of Christmas cards

A tv advert for Tesco amused me this evening.

According to the advert, the Christmas cards which are left in Tesco stores end up as recycled toilet paper.

I’m no fan of Christmas cards,  I think they cause more hassle than the recipients get pleasure from them (if you don’t believe me then why do so many people whine and complain about “doing the cards” and why is the “I sent them a card and they didn’t send me one” conversation so often heard) and the amount of trees destroyed to produce the cards is quite frankly obscene. Thankfully, the Tesco recycling scheme donates money to the Woodland Trust.

Given my antipathy towards Christmas cards, I can’t help but find it funny that they end up as something you wipe your bum on. Sounds about right to me.

Bah humbug.


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