Turn off the noise

43 Folders has had a good start to the year. Not only was the DMZ email folder a great idea (I now have an empty email inbox for the first time in 18 months) but they’ve followed it up with Modest Change : Cancel Something.

The important thing is to find at least one thing that’s become a noise generator, time sink, or attention sieve, and be rid of it. The hack isn’t how big a change it brings in your life — remember these are modest changes — it just matters that you mindfully elect to turn something off for a little while. That little scrap of time or attention you gain back is then well and truly your own.

I’d already recently dropped some of the examples used earlier in the post – my blackberry is sitting idle in a cupboard and I’ve cancelled my magazine subscriptions. Also gone are any RSS feeds that don’t publish the full feed and expect me to click through to read the rest.

Turning down the noise is a very attractive proposition to me, so I’ll be looking at some ideas to turn the volume down further. As it says elsewhere in the post –

I’m not suggesting you become a hermit or an ascetic or move into a mountaintop cave; just think about canceling one thing today.

Just in case you are thinking about about trying to be a hermit there’s a new film about Carthusian monks that you may want to see and which is proving to be popular already. It looks like turning down the volume to listen to more important things is a growing need.

Added bonuses to cancelling something? Its progress on my January No Sales project too.


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