Craft project – how to make your own confetti

In an attempt to rescue “crafts” from being synonymous with “card making” I’ve decided to share this great step by step technique a friend of mine discovered to making your own confetti.

1. Get a large and expensive new cross cut shredder at work.

2. Read on the box that it could even shred a newspaper.

3. Decide to test out this claim immediately with a large broadsheet paper, for some unknown reason folded in half.

4. Turn shredder on, feed newspaper into jaws of paper death.

5. Laugh with work colleagues as it seems to be living up to the claim on the box.

6. Note how large shredder begins to labour and make strange grinding noise.

7. Panic that you might be breaking brand new expensive office shredder.

8. Try to remedy the situation by hitting the reverse button.

9. Step back and enjoy as your office is now showered in your very own cross cut newspaper confetti.

10. Really panic about how on earth you’re going to be able to clear all this up without getting in trouble.

11. Take rest of the day off sick. Cut and run.

So there you go, that’s how its done. I’ll try and share some more great crafting ideas soon (whenever any friends do something stupid I can twist around!).


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  1. Qwerty Maniac said

    Lol, real good way! gotta try 😀

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