Weeds or flowers?

grass vergeSpring has sprung. The roadside verges have become a riot of colour (even to one as colour blind as me) that I can’t help responding to with a smile. The vivid yellows of the dandelions and the hawkweed, the cheery white carpets of daisies, the gentle creams of clover, all set against the lush green of fresh spring grass. I see them and smile and it lifts the spirits.

To a gardener they’re weeds of course, a pest, a negative presence to be removed. How can something that looks so bright and cheery and colourful be a negative, it doesn’t make sense. Its all a matter of perspective. Perhaps any flower, any beautiful joyous little creation becomes a weed when it appears in the wrong place.

So I wondered, if its about perspective, does this just apply to things horticultural, or is it bigger? How often, I wonder, do we fail to see a beautiful flower in our lives because of our fixed perspectives, and hurry to declare it a weed? Maybe the problem doesn’t lie with the daisy, which when you look at it, really look at it, is a delicate and beautiful flower, but with the person looking at it. Its a daisy, its commonplace, there’s nothing special about it, its even an annoyance as we try to create a perfectly manicured lawn of a life. Then again, maybe a daisy is an invitation to look closely, to celebrate and embrace difference, to remember that the lawn will never be perfectly manicured and it just might be better because of that.

Go on, have a look at a daisy. Or a dandelion. You might just find that weed is a beautiful flower.


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