My sticky shoes

I’m a naturally scruffy person, there’s no use in me denying it. Its not that I don’t have my smart moments, I simply gravitate towards the relaxed and comfortable and there’s something about me that makes me look scruffy. I’m not complaining, merely stating fact.

It may be my choice of wardrobe of course. I have only one pair of “smart” shoes, classic English brogues in black leather. I reflected today, as I was taking them off after one of their very rare appearances, that I’ve had this same pair for 13 years now. 13 years for one pair of shoes should give you an idea of how seldom they come out, or so I thought.

They’re not very worn because I only wear them with a suit, but despite that these long standing (couldn’t resist) shoes have had their share of adventures. They’ve seen 6 weddings, been to the head offices of multi-national companies, travelled the length and breadth of the country, borne 3 coffins, walked into a handful of restaurants, kept me standing when delivering lectures and training to FTSE 100 companies, been scuffed when fixing computers, danced, tapped along when playing in a jazz band and even made a dream come true.

Somehow, these shoes I never wear seem to have seen more of life than I have, which is worrying considering its always been me that’s been wearing them. Perhaps I’d be better letting my shoes blog for me.


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