About share the confusion

“I had nothing to share, except my own confusion? – Jack Kerouac

I’ve liked that quote ever since I first heard it in school, many years ago. The older I get, the the more I get an idea what Kerouac was on about. Life is confusing and as the black and whites of youth fade into the shades of grey, the more I realise I don’t have much in the way of answers anymore. Most of the time all I have is my own confusion.

So that’s why this blog is called share the confusion, because for the vast majority of the time that’s all I’m going to be doing. If you’ve managed to find this blog along the way then first of all well done, because I’m doing nothing to promote this at all. I’m not telling a single soul that the blog is even here. If you like what you read, feel free to share your own confusion too, or just read. Either way, I’ll be glad to have you visit.


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