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Counting ’em

Illness + busy week sorting out stuff for church + sorting out stuff for client + losing out on big contract = bad week and no time for blogging.

Stuff sorted for church + happy client = time for blogging.

Am sitting here, listening to the spectacularly good Bert Jansch album “Crimson Moon” before I head out to good friends for dinner, beer and conversation. This is a good feeling.

I was reading in “A light blazes in the darkness” last night about blessings. I may well end up writing more about that later, but for now I’ll just say that today has been full of blessings and for that awareness I am very grateful. Counting your blessings may well be a cliche, but its still a bloody good idea.

The albums finished (second time through) so its time I got going. Time to keep counting too.


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