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No sales update

1 week of the no sales project completed and so far, so good. Not that its been easy though.

Last week saw a few necessary supermarket shopping trips, which meant avoiding all those mega bargain dvd’s and cd’s. Temptation is always pretty big here at the best of times, because they’re so cheap and you can always find room for another dvd, right? There’s a lot to be said for pushing your trolley through those aisles as fast as possible, or not going down them at all!

Petrol stations have their own strange temptations too. It’s all too easy to pick up some chocolate on the way to the till and chocolate is a definite weakness of mine. Do I need it? No, but its definitely been difficult to walk past.

The hardest part of the project to keep to so far has been not causing anything to be bought for you. If someone buys you a present and you didn’t know about it then that’s great, enjoy, but if you’re in a shop and a friend asks you “would you like….” its difficult to say no and not appear ungracious. A little “thanks but no thanks” explanation goes a long way here.

Today has had particular temptations, in the form of a coffee shop trip, followed by a book shop – both huge weak points! Maintaining the big yes to simple hospitality a basic cappucino instead of my usual all singing, all dancing mega cup didn’t diminish my enjoyment of cafe culture at all and in some ways made me appreciate it more. It’s not about the coffee, its about enjoying the moment with the people you’re with. The book shop was thankfully easier than I thought it would be, but I definitely had to stop myself from looking too much!

On the whole sticking with the project hasn’t been easy, but its definitely been easier than I thought it would be. Lets hope its not uphill from here. I’ll keep you posted.


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