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Breakfast dilemma

When eating a McDonalds sausage and egg McMuffin, is the egg meant to be on the top, or the bottom? Do the rules change if its a double?

Its a taxing question for a Sunday morning. I suspect further extensive research may be required.


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Bag it up

Why is it that luggage shops never have carrier bags big enough to put the bag you’ve just bought from them in? Did they not know they sold large items and so might need some carrier bags to match?

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Can the Internet change your life?

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Ring, ring

Why is it that if your home phone goes after about 9pm, everybody in the house looks at each other as if to say “Who is that, who could be ringing here at this time?” Why do we always presume its going to be bad news? Why don’t we just pick up the phone and find out? Why, when we do pick up the phone, are we exasperated and annoyed with the friend who just called us to pass on a bit of info or say hi? What’s wrong with ringing a landline after 9pm anyway?

Most interestingly, why do none of these social norms apply to our mobile phones, which we’re happy to take calls and texts on late into the night? They don’t apply to email or IM’s either. This whole communication thing is a minefield.

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bedtime thoughts

Why do the print designs on mattresses when you’re going to cover them with sheets anyway?

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commerce vs. nature

Why is it that I can take pleasure in the experience of a Blue Tit performing well while very close to me in the garden, realise that this is real enjoyment and happiness, then still go inside and look at online shops despite not having any money?

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